Gestational Surrogacy:

Gestational surrogacy is a treatment option for women who are not able to carry pregnancy to a full term for a variety of reasons. These reasons could be medical reasons such as failure of the embryo to implant, repeated miscarriages, hysterectomy, genetic disorders, being born without a uterus, uterine defects, pelvic disorder or post-operation uterine damage. Some women experience problems such as dangerously high blood pressure, a heart condition or liver disease, so that pregnancy would entail a serious health risk for them. There are also non-medical reasons for wanting to use a surrogate mother to have a child.

Women with the aforementioned health problems are not the only people who suffer from childlessness. Same sex couples, especially gay men, are also not able to have their own child without a surrogate mother. For this end, at North Cyprus IVF Center, we have established ties with one of the most prestigious surrogacy agencies in the United States in order to offer gestational surrogacy services at affordable low costs without compromising the quality of treatment.

A surrogacy arrangement is one in which one woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for a couple (the intended parents) and surrender it at birth. This provides an opportunity for those who are unable to carry a child themselves to overcome their childlessness. There are quite a number of things to be considered before going down this road, however. Even though couples longing for children tend to be more emotional, these emotions should not be reflected upon their decisions. Surrogacy is a delicate matter which needs to be handled very carefully. At North Cyprus Fertility Clinic, we make sure our patients understand the legal, financial and the emotional aspects of consulting surrogacy as an option.

Surrogacy is not legal in many countries, and there are no surrogacy laws in North Cyprus. Even though IVF regulations allow for surrogacy under certain conditions, birth laws only recognize the carrier as the legal parent, therefore, while surrogacy arrangements can be made, the legal system cannot back up any contracts to be made.

However, due to a large volume of our patients from neighboring countries, we have decided to establish links with a renowned and a prestigious surrogacy agency in the United States. The Surrogacy Group, LLC has been offering surrogacy services for over a decade. Our sister agency deals with all the legal work including contract preparation, surrogate recruitment, and registration of your baby. All the legal work is carried out in the United States and is backed by the US legal system, binding you and your surrogate in a very well designed surrogacy arrangement providing the rights of all parties involved.

Our surrogacy program works in a dual phase where surrogate recruitment, all the legal work, contract drafting, court proceedings as well as baby delivery take place in the United States in a surrogate friendly state. For gay surrogacy contracts, your surrogate will need to be recruited not only in a surrogate friendly state, but also a gay surrogacy friendly state.

A potential surrogate mother must be in good overall health and be able to undergo a pregnancy with the minimum amount of risk to her own health. Some medical conditions will prevent a woman becoming a surrogate mother, for example, if there are any known medical problems which could lead to complications with the pregnancy, or put the woman at risk. Also those who are considerably overweight, are heavy smokers, drinkers or substance abusers are not suitable as surrogate mothers because of the associated risks both to the woman and the baby. A the risks of illness and problems are much higher in the first pregnancy it is strongly recommended that surrogate mothers should have borne at least one child previously and preferably have completed her own family. This also means that the woman is able to give her “informed” consent to the arrangement, since a woman who has experienced pregnancy prior to the surrogacy arrangement has that knowledge on which to base her decision.

Gestational surrogacy requires a number of considerations:

  1. Recruiting a gestational surrogate who will be willing to carry pregnancy to a full term. Our surrogates are all American citizens who are recruited from surrogate friendly states. We only use surrogates who have previously given birth to their own children to make sure that they are fit for pregnancy and that they can get pregnant.
  2. Drafting a legal contract to protect all parties involved against unwanted disputes. The contract will make sure that your surrogate accepts that she has no parental rights over your baby and that she is responsible for your baby’s well-being all throughout pregnancy and her duties toward the baby are terminated once delivery takes place. The contract will also design your responsibilities toward your surrogate mother.
  3. IVF treatment and Medical issues. Each IVF treatment is unique and different in itself. Our patient coordinators and medical team will make sure you are provided with the medical assistance that you require for your treatment.
  4. Child delivery and picking up your child from the United States. Our lawyers and coordinators will ensure that delivery of your child runs smoothly and well coordinated.

Our comprehensive surrogacy program ensures that you receive full support all throughout your surrogacy journey. Our program coordinators and lawyers in the United States make sure that you are covered well with the legal aspects and the medical aspects post pregnancy. Our medical team in Cyprus makes sure you are well informed and well guided through the IVF procedures of the journey. Our surrogacy program is very unique in the sense that it offers a low cost alternative to the programs in the United States of America while still providing you with an American surrogacy program.

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