Same-Sex Surrogacy:

Gay surrogacy, also referred to as same-sex parenting, is a parenting option for openly gay couples through the use of an egg donor and a gestational carrier. Even though societies resist change and sometimes traditional values can be persistent, gay couples have gained more acceptance over the past few years.

Same sex parenting- Parenting by openly gay couples is still a new phenomenon. Because society as a whole has yet to catch up with the trend, you may encounter suspicion or even hostility if you’re parenting with a same-sex partner. As a gay man, or a gay couple, you are carrying the burden on your shoulders to show the society that single gay men or gay couples are as capable as single females or heterosexual couples when it comes to raising families. As more and more examples of gay parenting become present, stereotypes are bound to fade.

An increasing number of gay men are turning to surrogacy as a way of becoming parents. Recognizing this trend, many agencies providing surrogacy services have begun actively courting the gay community. As with all growing industries, the quality of these agencies varies greatly, and it is very important that people looking for surrogacy services take the time to become well-educated consumers. This is particularly true for gay couples because of the complexities involved in protecting gay families. (Deborah Wald, Esq; 2009).

At North Cyprus IVF Center, rather than seeing this as an industry, we aim to offer same sex couple an honest guide in their search for an affordable yet high quality surrogacy program. We know how important it is to offer a surrogacy program without compromising the legal aspects and avoiding any vulnerability to legal problems, therefore, our CASS program (short for Cyprus America Surrogacy Services) offers you the complete legal framework bound by the U.S. legal system at affordable costs. Our surrogacy program involves a number of steps:

Steps of Gay Surrogacy Program:

1- Making the initial contact with us. At this point, you have discussed with your partner the possibility of having a child through gestational surrogacy and have evaluated emotional and psychological aspects of such an arrangement. Once you have established that you are ready to be parents, contacting us for a thorough investigation of how the program works is your first step.

2- Legal and Monetary considerations will be the next step. Before proceeding with a surrogacy program, it is very important that you understand the financial requirements as well as the legal considerations involved in such a program. Even though the cost of a surrogacy program may never be precise as it involves multiple factors, we will still be able to give you a rough estimate of what you should expect in such a journey.

It is also very important to know about the legal framework before engaging in a surrogacy arrangement. This is especially true for gay couples. Not every surrogacy program will be able to offer you the legal framework necessary for you to be the legal parents of your child to be born out of a surrogacy arrangement. The reason why our program deals with all the legal work in the United States is precisely for thus reason. All our same-sex surrogacy requests are handled in gay and surrogate friendly states in USA, therefore, we make sure that both partners’ names can go on your child’s birth certificate as legal parents and that there is no mention of surrogacy on the birth paperwork. As a gay couple, you are given the option of having either one of your names on the birth certificate, or both names. Depending on the country of your residence and citizenship, legal assistance will be provided to you regarding the best course of action.

3- Surrogate and donor recruitment and treatment will be your next step. Once you have reviewed all the information and considered all the legal and financial aspects, the next stage will be to match you up with a suitable gestational carrier as well as an egg donor so that we can proceed with your treatment. At this point, our lawyers will be able to draft your contract and you will be able to review your contract and make necessary adjustments should you see necessary before you proceed. We will also be communicating you the medical requirements of our program (preliminary testing and screening).

Once all the legal and medical work has been organized, you will be prepared for your treatment. Once your treatment is final, pregnancy will be monitored by collaborating doctors in the US and that is where your child will be born.

Please contact us for more detail on our CASS program for same-sex couples.