Elite Research and Surgical Hospital, Sht. Erdogan Yildiz Sok, Nicosia / Northern Cyprus
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About Us

Advanced Patient Care

North Cyprus IVF Centre is patient oriented health care facility where quality of care and patient satisfaction have utmost priority. Service quality does not only measure the quality of medical care, but also the degree to which our patients receive support with their additional requirements during their treatment. We make sure to coordinate your treatment from the beginning to the end in consideration with all your needs, so that you can simply focus on the positive test result once your treatment is finalized!

Latest Treatment Technology

North Cyprus IVF team is not only the most experienced fertility care team in North Cyprus, but also the one that has access to highest level of technology. We collaborate with clinics worldwide and make use of latest IVF technologies in our facilities so that we can optimize your treatment outcomes.

In House Genetics Laboratory

Our clinic is not only an IVF clinic, but also a research center with its own genetics facility. As the very first clinic with its own genetic laboratories, we are able to perform Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS), HPV Genotyping, and Thrombophilia testing in house without referring you to external labs.

Innovative New Methods

Lead by our director Dr. Savas Ozyigit, our team is in a continuous effort to explore and invent new methods and techniques of treatment that will maximize your chances of success. Make sure to inquire about taking part in our clinical trials.

Higher Success Rates

Success with IVF treatments depend on a number of factors. These are patient-specific factors such as egg/sperm/uterine conditions, and clinic-specific factors such as the expertise of the IVF team, up-to-dateness of the equipment and the quality of lab design. We know that our success rates tell the story, but it is important to know that with IVF treatments, practice and expertise make perfect! As the oldest and very first IVF clinic in the region, we lead the field!

Affordable IVF Treatments

One of the main advantages of treatments offered by North Cyprus IVF Centre is the affordable cost of treatment. Due to currency advantages and lower cost of supplies in North Cyprus, we offer low cost treatment with success rates well above world averages.

Awarded Many Times

To symbolize our experience, dedication and achievements, North Cyprus IVF Centre has been nominated and received several awards over the years of its existence.

Cyprus is a Vacation Spot

Cyprus offers 300 days of sunshine to its visitors with unspoiled beaches and many natural sights to see. With the historical castles, monasteries, sandy beaches, local cuisine and many entertainment alternatives, we are sure that you will enjoy your stay…