IVF with Embryo Donation in Cyprus:

Embryo Donation is for couples with both male and female factor infertility or single females with fertility issues. Embryo donation uses both a sperm donor and an egg donor for the treatment, thus offering you a high chance of success with treatment.

IVF treatment with embryo donation works very much like IVF treatment with donor eggs in terms of how the female patient is prepared for the treatment. The only difference between “IVF with donor Eggs” and “IVF with donor embryos” is the fact that the former uses the male partner’s sperm sample for the IVF treatment while the latter uses a donor sperm as well as donor eggs during the IVF treatment.

First step, just like in any type of treatment is assessment. The female partner is assessed for “fitness for pregnancy” via an ultrasound scan first. Additional testing may be necessary depending on the patient’s unique history of infertility.

For donor matching, a donor-recipient form is provided so that the patients can fill out their details as well as their donor specifications so that our donor coordinator at North Cyprus IVF Center can narrow down the options and offer a selection of donors who match the patients’ criteria.

The cost of embryo donation (embryo adoption) at North Cyprus IVF Center is 6,000 Euros.

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