Tandem IVF Cycle:

Tandem IVF Cycle is a fertility treatment suited for women with diminished but not completely exhausted ovarian reserves. When your chance of success with treatment using your own eggs is highly reduced but not impossible, you can be given a chance of pregnancy using your own eggs with a combination of donor eggs.

Gaining great popularity within the last few years, Tandem Cycling allows women with lowered ovarian reserves to have a shot at pregnancy using their own eggs, but at the same time having a back-up egg reserves through the use of an egg donor. A tandem cycle allows you to receive a lower dose of medication since you will only be needing a few good quality eggs. At the end of this process, you get to decide what combination of your own eggs and donor eggs to use. This also allows you to have a go with your own eggs first and freeze donor’s eggs for a future cycle without facing the cost of two separate cycles.

A tandem IVF cycle is a great option for women in older age brackets and for women with reduced ovarian reserves indicated by a high FSH level, a low AMH level as well as low antral follicle count. A tandem cycle can be seen as investing in two different stocks to divide the risk of your investment, so the risk is minimized.

A tandem cycle allows you to undergo IVF treatment using your own eggs as well as having a back-up egg donor being prepared for you at the same time. That way, you know that even if your own eggs do not work, you still have donor eggs as your safety net.

For this very reason, tandem cycle is seen as an excellent treatment option for patients who are not yet ready to give up on their eggs, but who also know that likelihood of success using own eggs will be very low.

At North Cyprus IVF, we have been providing tandem cycle treatment for over a decade. Nowadays, one of our new trends for tandem IVF cycles is to combine the treatment with Cytoplasmic IVF treatment. With combination of cytoplasmic IVF and tandem IVF cycles, you have the best of both worlds!

Just like any other fertility treatment, patients who plan to use their own eggs are asked to undergo a number of tests and screening before a treatment protocol can be identified. Each and every patient is unique and a customized treatment protocol is necessary for achieving optimal IVF outcome. For more information on the tests and screening you need to undergo, please visit our Infertility section.

If you have already undergone infertility testing and/or previous IVF cycles, it will be important to provide us with such details to allow us to make a more complete and effective assessment of your unique treatment requirements.

Success Rates with Tandem IVF Cycle at North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Average success rate with tandem IVF cycles is 61%. However, this is one of the most misleading success statistics among all treatment groups. The reason for the misleading success rates is the fact that patients undergoing a tandem cycle sometimes prefer to use their own eggs first and preserve the donor eggs for a future cycle.

Some other patients end up having no viable embryos from their own eggs and they end up using embryos that have been created using donor eggs only. Some other patients use a combination of embryos created with own eggs as well as donor eggs. Therefore, these three groups of patients would have no common basis for comparison.

However, on average, it would be safe to say that success with tandem IVF cycle will be higher than standard IVF/ICSI treatments with own eggs, but perhaps slightly lower than pure egg donor cycles. For more information about tandem IVF cycle and to see if you would be a suitable candidate, please contact us.