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MicroSort IVF with PGD

We often recommend combining the MicroSort method with the PGD method if the patient is above a certain age and has lower ovarian reserves. Patients with limited ovarian reserves will not have too much of a chance of success with the PGD method alone because the PGD method will require at least 3-4 embryos to make sure that we can find at least one healthy embryos of desired sex which is also free of genetic disorders. At more advanced ages, genetic problems also become an issue, therefore, we would like to work with at least 3 or 4 embryos when it comes to PGD screening. Combining the MicroSort method with the PGD method will make sure that majority of the embryos will be of desired sex and it will give us a higher chance of finding at least one embryo that is free of genetic disorders and is of desired sex.