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IVF with PGD

PGD is a method we have been using for over a decade for genetic screening and gender selection. PGD is also a pre conception gender selection method, but it does its screening at the embryo level. For PGD to be performed, eggs must be fertilized with the sperm, and the embryos should be created in vitro (laboratory setting). Once the embryos are created, they are cultivated for three days until they reach at least the 8-cell stage so that the doctor can take at least a single cell biopsy from each embryo for further genetic screening by our geneticist. Further genetic screening will be able to help us screen all the embryos for genetic disorders as well as determining the gender (sex) of each of them. Given that PGD is a very sophisticated genetic screening procedure, its precision is higher than 99% for selection of both sexes.

The higher accuracy of the PGD gender selection is not its only benefit. PGD can also help us screen for major genetic disorders as well. Typically, we test 5 chromosomes if there is no expected incidence of a specific genetic disorder. However, we are also able to perform the 24 chromosome test to test for all chromosomes for genetic abnormalities. There is an additional cost of performing the 24 chromosome testing per embryo, but it will make sure that the embryos that are transferred are completely free of genetic disorders.