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MicroSort IUI

MicroSort sperm sorting technology, which is a patented technology from the Genetics and IVF Institute. Our clinic is the only official clinic in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to offer this technology. No other clinics (unless they request us to perform the sperm sorting for them) are authorized to offer this gender selection technology to their patients. For more information about location and authorized doctors, you can visit microsort.com.

MicroSort technology works based on DNA density and separates the sperm into X and Y bearing cells in two different compartments of the MicroSort equipment. This method has about 75% accuracy with male gender selection and around 90% accuracy with female gender selection. In other words, once the sperm has been sorted into desired sex, the sperm that we have will contain 75% male sperm cells if you asked for male selection and 90% female sperm cells if you asked for female selection. The reason for the error margin is because the equipment works on the principle of differing DNA densities between X and Y chromosomes. When sperm has defects such as missing parts of its information, it can be misclassified into the wrong group. The official numbers show us that the accuracy for male and female selection are exactly as the statistics provided above.

Even though MicroSort is not a 100% gender selection method due to its margin of error, it still provides a very good rate. Especially if you are not too specific over gender selection but would like to maximize your chances of having a child of desired sex, MicroSort will be a good idea.

One of the advantages of the MicroSort technology is that, it allows us to offer gender selection with non-invasive IUI cycles. IUI cycles require much milder medication regimens and don’t require any surgical procedures. The chance of being able to choose the sex of your baby without any invasive procedures is a good option for most couples.

However, it should be kept in mind that MicroSort IUI is most suited for younger couples in their 20s and overall success rates of pregnancy with IUI cycles will be around 25%. It’s a low cost and non-invasive option, but its success rates will not be as high as the IVF treatment options.